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There are so many wonderful Australian women out there that I have decided to create a page just for them! Wonder-women come in all shapes and sizes. Some have made significant changes to the way we live and the lifestyles we now enjoy. Others inspire us to achieve more than we thought possible.

Here you will find information on some of Australia’s wonder-women both past and present.

If there is a Wonder-woman in your life please share their information with me and I will try and include the best ones. They don’t have to be famous, just someone who inspires you! Please attach a photo (with their permission) and their name so they can receive the proper adoration they deserve. Any women chosen to be included on this page will also receive a certificate of appreciation designed by me, Sammy!

Hope you enjoy

SW xxx

Welcome to the Wonder blog page!

Here you will find all the recent musings about women written by me, Sammy! I hope to update this page at least twice a week so please stop by often to see what’s new.

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Wonder girl

Hello WONDERers!

Is it just me or have any of you ever realized the better skin condition you achieved after a good swim at the beach? You could literally just witness the special glow on your face, feeling it extra smoother than before. I’ve been perceiving the same positive effects every time I go for a beach swim!

According to Hubpages, natural sea-salt water possesses numbers of nutrients and beneficial effects to human skin with its nature as a curing, clearing and cleansing agent. It helps in the curing of mild acne and acne scars, cleanses and moisturizes skin and hence improving skin conditions. Even your hair! I wonder if anyone has ever heard about the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is also known as the Salt sea because of its extremely high salt concentration in the water. It is the deepest hyper-saline (high concentration of salt) lake in the world, bordering Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. If you haven’t heard of it, it is also categorized as the “biggest, widest natural spa in the world” according to the ABC news, where people from all around the globe pay visit each year due to its popularity in its quality of salt and mud that improves skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin.


Due to its heavy minerals and salt concentration (particularly magnesium, potassium, and calcium), it is proven to be excellent at targeting multiple skin problems. The Dead Sea mask is being manufactured in a lot of places due to its popularity, with price ranging from $10 to even above $100. With this natural SHIFEI mud mask from the original Dead Sea from Aricare, It only costs $4.8 for 6 packs of the mask with 7 ml each! It contains multiple therapeutic effects in just the mud mask itself:

1. Improves Skin Elasticity

2. Removes Dead Skin Cells

Exfoliation of dead skin cells will leave you with extra smooth and moisturized skin.

3. Detoxify

By removing impurities and toxins from the deep skin layers, detoxification results in clear skin and even skin tone.

4. Improves Acne Problems

Acne, blackheads, and breakouts will be improved by the natural minerals contained in the mud mask.

5. Targets Skin Conditions

As proven by the Dead Sea Research Centre (DSRC), skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and vitiligo can be improved by the natural Dead Sea mud.

6. Increases Skin Circulation

Poor blood circulation in the skin could lead to patches on the skin and even wrinkles. Mud mask could improve blood circulation and leads to the healthier looking skin.



6 packs of 7 ml each


This professional made-in-Israel mud mask is easy and effective to use. Simply apply to your clean face and neck (*avoid eyes and mouth area*), leave it for more than 10 minutes until the mud is completely dried off. Remove the dry mud from fingers and clean your face after with wet cloth or warm water. Simple isn’t it? Any women deserved to feel confidently beautiful with their skin 🙂

Also, feel free to drop a comment or two to let me know what you think about this product, or you could even suggest what to post next!

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Hope you enjoy!


SW xxx


Hello, there all my WONDERful WONDERers!
WONDERing how have ya’ll been doing lately? Hope 2018 is treating you well already! If not, not to worry HANG IN THERE! Success comes to those who are determined and persistence! To all my WONDERers who have been working really hard, or just having their well-deserved vacations, don’t forget to pamper yourself!

Here is a thing about some ladies (including me), we’ve always been so caught up with work and fun that we often forget to take care of ourselves. By this, I don’t solely mean to just eat well and sleep/rest well. We often take our physical little body parts for granted! They need some pampering too (only if they could speak up for themselves)! Shamefully, I can’t even recall the last time I actually applied a mask. Oops! Not to even mention about my feet, which I least taken care of.

WELL, not long till I discovered this WONDERfull foot masks that I am so in love with these days! I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be sharing with all you WONDERers today!

I’m a little explorer myself who just can’t sit still and stay home at all time. I like to get myself moving and make sure that my feet are well used for the day. Don’t even mention the life of being a mum! I have had enough of running here and there! And yes, I have developed some cracks and calluses on my feet that I don’t even wish to mention.
Ughh.. I know what you’re thinking. Forget about the hassle of using the typical pumice stone in getting rid of the calluses today.. I’ve got a better one!

Come over here, I’ll let you feel WONDERfoot (:

I personally love this foot mask. It targets my calluses and even moisturizes my feet! (yes, I have dry feet too)

Shifei Exfoliation Foot Mask Moisture Pack $6



This foot mask not only targets the complete removal of the calluses on feet but also stinky feet, fungal-infected feet and sun crack. How amazing! Unlike the usual foot masks that you find in stores, this possesses a layer of soft non-woven fabric in the waterproof stocking which is definitely cozy, convenient and most important of all, non-sticky! The essence of the mask can also be absorbed very quickly, effectively and evenly through the tough skin of the foot. You can even do your normal walking or work on daily basis. This design is perfect for all you busy WONDERers. Leave the mask on, and off you go to work! As simple as that. Remember to rinse and wipe your feet after applying this mask for 2 hours and make sure you wash and dry your feet before applying too.

If you feel like you don’t need to get rid of any calluses or cracks on your feet (lucky you), there is another option of foot mask, which keeps your feet and nails moisturized and well nourished!

Shifei Foot & Nail Moisture Pack Foot Mask $6

This foot mask moisturizes and nourishes your dry skin on foot instantly, which especially is suitable to use after exfoliation. All you need to do is just to gently pat the remaining essence until they are fully absorbed after removing the mask. Unlike the previous exfoliation foot mask, this one only needs 15-20 minutes for you to witness its miracles on your feet. It also uses the same soft non-woven fabric that allows you to feel comfortable wearing.

Quality goods don’t necessarily have to be expensive to prove themselves. Both of these foot masks come in 2 per packaging and it costs only $6! Why pay 10 bucks or more for a mask when you can pay $6 for 2 masks? I reckon it’s a bargain!

If you happen to read this post and got one for yourself, comment and let me know how you find these products! Would love to listen to different opinions and share thoughts.

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Hi to all the Wonder-parents out there!

So as some of you may know I am a mum to a beautiful 6-year-old girl and I have almost finished my degree in teaching (1 year left! Yay!). As such I wanted to share with you something that has been playing on my mind for a while now. I have noticed that sometimes as parents, we tend to do things in order to try and help our children whilst inadvertently we do more damage than good. In particular, today I want to talk about how we attempt to develop our little ones’ ability to write.stage3

Have you ever had your 2 or 3-year-old approach you with a piece of paper with scribble all over it and tell you it says “I love you”? Or how about your 4 or 5-year-old who fills the page which a collection of letters and scribbles? As parents, we want to encourage their writing skills and often you will find yourself wanting to correct their writing by re-writing the correct words or by getting them to sit down and practice writing their ABC’s.

What I am writing to tell you is to stop and think before you go correcting their attempts! All children are constantly learning and seeking out new ways to communicate. However, whilst you are trying to help them along this path, you are often doing more long-term damage than you realize. Even though you may not mean to, what you are doing by correcting your child’s work is telling them that what they have done is not good enough. By repeatedly having their attempts to communicate through writing denounced in this way, children internalize that whatever they try and write is never right. As a result, when these children start school and their teacher’s start encouraging them to write, these children are often the ones who struggle. Without meaning to, all your best intentions have instilled into your little one’s mind that no matter what they write, it will be wrong.

When you believe that you are going to fail no matter how hard you try, it is very hard to even want to attempt it. I have seen students who start to feel ill whenever there is a writing lesson. Other students, I have met refuse to write anything unless you are standing next to them constantly prompting them to put something on the paper. Then there are those students who are consistently raising their hands to ask how to spell even the simplest of words because they are afraid of getting the spelling wrong.These students grow up with a severe dislike for writing and, unless they meet a teacher who somehow breaks through their barriers, they will continue to avoid writing throughout their lives.

Smiling girl student taking test

As many of you can acknowledge, writing is a key skill that we all want our children to excel in. If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t have tried so hard to ‘help’ them by correcting all their mistakes when they were younger. So all I am wanting to do today is to open up some eyes to some of the hidden consequences of our behavior. When your young one shows you a piece of writing, whether it is nonsense scribbles or a story full of spelling mistakes, I ask you to cherish this gift. It is something you can hold onto with pride because your child is learning and it is absolutely normal and actually extremely beneficial for them to make mistakes. As they grow and experience more words their writing and spelling will develop. Do not fear if your 6-year-old writes the word ‘elafant’ instead of elephant or ‘loles’ instead of lollies. Even though they may not have the conventional spelling down, they are still trying to write. And I for one would rather see my daughter attempting to write a book about ‘The pig he didn’t look like a pig’ than not writing at all!

On the other hand, you could enjoy some breasts massages while you watch your kids scribble! Read the next post on 5 ways to keep your breasts healthy and bustier.

Love as always,

SW xxx


Hi, Wonders!

So today I am going to try and tackle that tricky topic of how to help prepare your daughter/ sister/ friend through their first period. I am sure that every woman reading this remembers their first and it can be a rather traumatic experience for some. Mine wasn’t too bad except it happened when I was at my dad’s for visitation. Lucky for me his girlfriend and her daughter were there and were able to provide me with the advice and equipment I needed.

I have heard stories of women being on public transport when it first starts and being afraid to get off due to embarrassment, others have gotten theirs whilst out with friends or at family functions. Whatever your story is, you will always remember it as it is such a defining moment in any young woman’s life. So here are my tips to help the young lady in your life prepare for this occasion.

1. Remember that you can begin menstruating from as early as 9 years old! Most girls won’t begin until they are around 12-14, but I know that there have been at least 3 girls in my family alone you started theirs around the age of 10. So if you suspect that it may be possible your loved one may start early make sure they are prepared! Make sure they know what to expect and how to deal with it. Do not rely on schools giving them this information as they often get embarrassed when this topic comes up and may not fully understand what the teacher is trying to teach. Also, make sure you have a supply of pads and tampons on hand for when they Pimplesstart.

2. Provide the young lady in your life with the basic facts so that they are not shocked if/when it occurs. Start with describing some of the symptoms they may or may not experience before their period may start. Signs  to look out for include:

  • clear to white discharge (this can start up to 6 months before they get their first period and is normal as long as it doesn’t itch or smell)
  • bloating around the abdomen
  • cramps in the abdomen or lower back
  • increased the number of pimples
  • tender breasts
  • increase in irritability  or mood swings

3. Make sure you let them know that sometimes it seems as if they are bleeding a lot and that sometimes there might be small clots. I am sure many of you have seen or heard a story where a young girl has thought she was dying because of the amount of blood loss. Let them know that it is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. If they happen to be caught unawares that it is OK and has happened to many of us.

maxi_reg4. Next, you have to explain and show them some of the various products they can use during their menstrual cycle. Most young women prefer to use pads during their first few cycles. The idea of using a tampon may be a bit confronting to them to begin. They are also other options out there such as menstrual cups and I recommend you research all the options with them so they can decide on what they are most comfortable with. Check out Here for a variety of products at a reasonable price. Also, if the young woman in your life is experiencing the clear discharge she may wish to use panty liners to help keep fresh. When they feel comfortable to make the move to tampons try the applicator tampons if that makes them more comfortable.

5. Make sure that you normalise the process. Do not hide when you get your periods. It is an essential part of growing up and should not be a topic that is whispered behind closed doors. If they have questions, answer them honestly or direct them to somewhere where they can discover the answers if you are unsure. There is a wealth of information out there and by being more open and honest about what happens to us we may be able to prevent the ones we care about experiencing an embarrassing first period.

I hope this helps you to begin to prepare for that momentous occasion that occurs in every young woman’s life. If you have any more tips or ideas please share below so that others may benefit from your experiences!

As always,



It is almost inevitable that your baby will at some stage suffer from that dreaded nappy rash. No matter what precautions parents take a simple fact is that if your baby is in diapers then they are at risk. So what can parents do to help their little ones? And how can they achieve this without spending a fortune? Here is my advice for parents plus some links to quality products that I have used and found to save me hundreds!

First, in order to reduce the risk of nappy rash, it is recommended that parents:

  • Make sure they change bubs bottom regularly- some nappies cost a fortune so I recommend trying a different product to find the cheapest product that works for you (check out Aricare’s nappy range here!)

  • Use an alcohol-free wipe or damp washcloth to clean bubs bottom during every change (my favourite wipes can be purchased from here!)

  • Do not use talcum powder! Although this used to be popular when I was a baby, it has since been shown that using powder does not help prevent nappy rash.
  • Use a barrier cream if your bubs are particularly susceptible, or if they are going through a period where they are more susceptible (e.g. when they have diarrhoea or are teething). Good barrier creams have little additive and usually contain some combination of zinc and oil. I usually go to the local chemist and ask for their chemist brand cream, these are usually really effective and a great price!

If your little one still ends up with a sore bottom follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure you bath bubs with mild soap and dry their bottom completely
  • Try and leave the nappy off as much as possible during the day
  • Use a cortisone cream if the rash doesn’t seem to clear within a few days or if it looks particularly painful. I found the only one that worked for my daughter was Daktozin. However, I recommend that you speak to your doctor if you are particularly concerned and find the best product for your bubs.

Treating nappy rash involves a lot of trial and error, like most things to do with babies. What works for one child may not work for another. However, do not fall into the trap of thinking the most expensive product is the best or that just because Lucy next-door uses this product you should too. Test out the cheaper alternatives, you may be surprised at how well they work, and with the money, you save you can splash out on spoiling your precious bundle!