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Wonder Works Hard to Produce the Best Liners, Pads, Maternity Pads & Applicator Tampons, at the Best Prices.

Wonder is Australia’s Best Online Period Product Store

Wonder, an Australian-owned company based in Sydney, selling premium-quality Pads, Tampons, Liners and Maternity Pads for people with periods or light incontinence. The Wonder range uses highly absorbent, soft and flexible materials. So, you get the best protection with ultimate comfort. The factories that produce the Wonder range, also produce many other famous, major brand feminine, sanitary care products. Wonder offers our range of premium-quality menstruation products direct to the consumer, at very generously discounted prices.

Get your best period care, at the best prices.

Our Company

Wonder Australia is the official Online Period Care Store established by Arico Corporation.

Arico is a 100% Australian-owned company that has proudly supplied high-quality panty liners, pads, maternity pads and applicator tampons to the Australian market for over 30 years through supermarkets and major retailers.

We are conveniently located in the Sydney metro area, have same-day handling, and our professional team is ready to dispatch your order.

Expect premium-quality, at the best prices.

Best Pads Liners Tampon Protection Comforts

What are you waiting for?
Shop Wonder Pads, Tampons, Liners & Maternity for the comfiest and best period & light incontinence protection!

Not all period care products are created equal, and not everyone’s period protection needs
are the same. Wonder stocks a great range of liners, pads, maternity pads and applicator tampons,
each with its own unique level of protection.

So, choosing the right period products for you just got super easy.


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Shop Wonder Liners, Pads, Maternity Pads & Applicator Tampons

Period days, and every day of your cycle, are so much easier when you have the right products. Wonder, having supplied the Australian market with pads, tampons and liners for over 30 years — Best Brand Period Products. Our period products are made with premium-quality, soft and absorbent materials, providing comfort and protection you’ll love. And, at such great prices, you’ll love them more.

Liners are great to keep handy to quickly absorb moisture from sneaky, surprise periods, light urine leaks/light incontinence and vaginal discharge. Panty liners help keep your underwear feeling drier and fresher throughout the day.

Applicator Tampons are perfect on period days when you want to stay comfy and protected while working out, swimming, or wearing your favourite leggings or skinny jeans. Our Applicator Tampons are designed with a tapered tip for easy and gentle insertion. Available in Regular or Super absorbency for light- to medium-flow period days.

If you prefer the ease of Pads, Wonder has a great range from ultra thin to maxi and super absorbency. All Wonder pads have a contoured design to fit your body snugly and to move comfortably with you. Ultimate comfort and protection.

Post natal flow calls for Maternity Pads! There really is a difference between regular pads and maternity pads. Wonder maternity pads are wider and longer than regular pads, giving you extra protection. They are also made with softer and more flexible materials for that extra gentle comfort you’ll want after giving birth.

Buy Best Brand Period Products Direct & Save — the Best Applicator Tampons, Panty Liners, Sanitary Pads and Maternity Pads online.

Shop Regular & Super Applicator Tampons
Shop Ultra Thin, Regular & Long Panty Liners
Shop Ultra Thin, Maxi, Night + More Pads
Shop Regular & Extra Long Maternity Pads

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