Welcome to the launch of the new and improved Wonder Girl website, and our first blog post! We are so excited to share our product range with you, our experiences with periods, and information to help you be prepared for every day of your cycle — whether you’ve had your period for years, or you’re expecting it for the first time!

Why we started this blog Since joining the Wonder Girl team, many friends suggested that we start a blog. To be honest, up until recently, I had never read a blog and didn’t really understand why people even wrote blogs. However, after some research, I now see that blogging is a great way to share experiences and ideas. Many of us on the Wonder Girl team know exactly what periods are like, so we started this blog to share our take on things.

What you’ll be seeing in our posts If we know anything about periods, it’s that being prepared and having the right products to get you through the day is essential! And, the more you know about it all, the better you can prepare. So, we’ll be sharing general information about periods, and our experiences with them over the years…without giving away too much, that’s a lot of years between all of us in the team! But, while periods and the Wonder Girl product range will obviously be the main topic of our blog, sometimes we’ll also share some of our ideas about life-in-general, or even our favorite new (not period-related) product.

A bit about our new website After being inspired to start our blog, we thought it was a great time to also revamp our website so that it is fresher and easier to use. Along with our blog, we now have a new Q&A section for quick answers to commonly asked questions, and an easy link to buy our products online. We hope you like it! But, please remember that we are all different, so if you’re having problems or you’re concerned about your period in any way, seek professional medical advice. Our site and the information in it is not intended as medical advice — don’t delay seeing your doctor because of something you read on our site.

We hope you enjoy our blog…we are so looking forward to helping you get more prepared for your period! Personally, writing has never been my strong point — I’m that person that talks with their hands — so please always feel free to share your ideas and feedback with us along the way!

Team Wonder Girl