So, I’ve booked my next holiday, and I’m excited! But, I know I’ll spend the days before my trip feeling a little nervous — not nervous about missing my flight or losing my luggage — nervous about getting my period while I’m away.

I’m sure everyone has a story about a time when they went on holidays and their period almost ruined things. PMS, cramps, feeling anxious about leaks, or simply not being prepared, can affect your holiday. But, here are some tricks I’ve learned that help me not worry — well, not quite as much — about it.

Pack your favorite products
Sometimes your period surprises you…and not in a good way.

Even if you’re not expecting your period, pack a stash of your favorite feminine hygiene products to take on your holiday, and take a little something with you on every outing…especially if you’re somewhere remote, or traveling overseas. This way you won’t be caught off guard while somewhere unfamiliar, where you may not even speak the language, and where you may not find feminine hygiene products you’re happy to use and that you know really work.

Wear some comfy clothes
Imagine traveling for hours with PMS, cramps, or that bloated feeling, all while wearing your skinny jeans. I’m sure you’re crying just at the thought of it, right? Wearing something loose and comfy will make your trip more bearable if you’re experiencing any period discomfort. Actually, come to think of it, traveling for hours in my skinny jeans even without my period sounds uncomfortable! Comfy clothes are also the best for when you’re sightseeing, lazing at that fab coffee shop you just discovered, and more.

Pack your anti-cramp kit
If you get period cramps, be sure to pack your usual painkillers to prevent or reduce discomfort. Without them, you may end up spending your holidays in your hotel room, which is definitely not why you’ve gone away. Pack your heat pack too, just in case you do want to curl up and relax in your room until the cramps are over.

Some other tips that may help reduce cramps:
  • Eat healthy food (reduce fats and sugars) and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol on the plane trip — drink herbal teas and water instead.
  • Keep active on the plane and while you’re away — exercise helps keep you relaxed and has been known to reduce cramps.

  • Don’t panic if your period is different
    Travelling can affect your menstrual cycle. The changes in your sleep patterns, a lack of sleep, time zone changes, and general travel stress may cause your period to come early or late, or just be different to usual. This is especially possible when you’re flying as cabin pressure can make your period flow lighter. Beware though, this may mean that it will be a lot heavier once you land, so be prepared. Having said this, if you’re at all worried about your period being late or ‘different’, don’t delay seeing your doctor.

    Don’t let your period ruin your holiday…buy the ticket and take the trip! Happy holidays everyone!

    Team Wonder Girl


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