Hiking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the great outdoors and to see some of nature’s most breathtaking scenery. With every hike I do, I’m always amazed by the beauty of our planet.

Gearing up for your outdoor adventure involves packing a mix of essentials from clothes to equipment. Even if you aren’t expecting your period, it’s a good idea to be prepared. So, just in case, throw in some period essentials too:

  • a box of tampons — opt for tampons rather than pads as they are more comfortable and less messy.
  • some panty liners for you back-up protection.
  • a few small zip-lock bags — make sure they’re strong with reliable zips, and consider lining your zip-lock bag with foil if you want to be more discreet.
  • wet wipes to freshen up while you’re on the trail.
  • pain relief tablets or supplements to help with period pain, if that’s something you suffer from.
  • While hiking with your period can be annoying, staying home is not an option! And, since exercise can help reduce the pain and discomfort of cramps, there are no excuses. So, hit the trails with Wonder period products, and relax and enjoy the view.

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