Ultra Thin Regular Pads with wings 18pk [$0.23 per pad]

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All Wonder Pads are designed to provide women with maximum protection and comfort during ‘that time of the month’.

Wonder’s Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings are designed to make sure you feel clean and fresh all day long! The ultra thin design with the added security of wings ensures you will always be protected. Whilst the side leak guards and ultra absorbent core makes sure everything is taken care of quickly. With Wonder you can be a confident Wonder-girl all month long!

Stop paying too much for your feminine hygiene, buy from Aricare with confidence today! Lowest prices on WONDER products guaranteed!

RecommendationRecommended for LIGHT to REGULAR flow
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Additional Information

* Perfect for use on light- to medium-flow days.

* Ultra-thin and flexible for superior comfort.

* Super-soft cover is gentle on your skin.

* Wings help keep the pad securely in place and add extra protection.

* Highly-absorbent core helps to keep you feeling fresher longer.

* Individually wrapped so you can be discreet.

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