Maternity Pads Ultra Thin with Wings 12Pk Wonder

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Wonder Ultra Thin Maternity Pads for comfort and protection during your heavy, post-natal flow.

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Wonder Maternity Pads Ultra Thin with Wings help you feel more comfortable and protected during your heavy, post-natal flow.


The best Maternity Pads on the market are produced by Wonder, with their ultra thin pads that are soft and cushiony providing constant comfort. These Maternity Pads with wings help the pad to stay in place all day long. The Ultra Thin Pads are also super absorbent maternity pads which removes moisture quickly, so feel drier, longer. Post-natal bleeding will be heavy at first, so we recommend Maternity pads. At Wondergirl you can buy the cheapest Maternity Pads on the market. Wonder competes with Libra Maternity pads, Maternity pads woolworths and  Maternity pads Coles as they provide a higher quality experience and material.

These pads are also suitable for light incontinence.


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Dimensions12 × 9.5 × 8.5 cm


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