Menstrual Care

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Wonder has been supplying pads, tampons & liners to the Australian market for over 30 years. Made with premium-quality materials, and providing comfort and protection, you’ll love the Wonder’s period care range. Best prices for sanitary products online.

Buy Period Pads Tampons Liners Direct & Save — the Best Applicator Tampons, Panty Liners, Sanitary Pads and Maternity Pads.

Wonder Liners are handy for those days you are expecting your period, for the last few days, and even the days in between. Panty liners help keep your underwear feeling drier and fresher throughout the day by absorbing moisture from those sneaky, surprise periods, light urine leaks and vaginal discharge. Feel fresher, longer, everyday.

Wonder Applicator Tampons are perfect for staying comfy and protected during workouts, swimming, and wearing your favourite leggings or skinny jeans, on period days. Choose the Best Applicator Tampon in Regular or Super absorbency for light- to medium-flow days. Designed with a tapered tip for easy and gentle insertion.

Wonder Pads are a contoured design to fit your body and to move comfortably with you. So, you get ultimate comfort and protection.

Period Pads Tampons Liners

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