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Applicator Tampons Super & Regular

Tampons are perfect for staying comfy and protected during workouts, swimming, and wearing your favourite leggings or skinny jeans, on period days. Choose the Best Applicator Tampons in Regular or Super absorbency for light to medium-flow days. Designed with a tapered tip for easy and gentle insertion.

Should I use a pad or a tampon?

Pad or tampon? Think about what you might be doing that day. If you are going swimming, you will definitely need to use a tampon. If not, you can use either, or a combination of pad and tampon, to make sure you are protected from leaks.

Which pad or tampon should I use?

Super, maxi, regular or ultra-thin? Some days it is hard to know which pad or tampon will be best. Think about your plans and how heavy your flow might be that day. ‘Super’ and ‘Maxi’ offer high absorbency, which is great for days 1 and 2 when your period is heavier. They are also great to use overnight for ultimate period protection. ‘Regular’ is best for medium absorbency and is usually perfect from day 3 and on. Use ‘Ultra-Thin’ pads for ultimate protection with extra comfort and flexibility if you are on the go. Sometimes on the last days, when your period is very light, you might even just need a liner.

How often should I change my tampon?

Generally, you should change your tampon somewhere between 4 to 6 hours. Use the minimum absorbency for your flow — your tampon should be saturated to when taking it out, so if it’s not, switch to a lower absorbency tampon. It’s a good idea to note the time you put your tampon in so you can be sure not to leave your tampon in longer than 6 hours. This will help prevent a rare but potentially fatal disease called toxic shock syndrome (TSS).