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Maxi Pads provide maximum protection on medium-flow days. Buy Bulk and Save.


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Bulk Buy Maxi Pads with Wings

For the best period protection for regular flow days, buy the best Maxi Pads with Wings online, Australia.

Bulk Buy Maxi Pads with Wings give that extra security you want on period days, at the best price. Wonder delivers the Maxi Pads with Wings that are the best pads for regular flow days. Wonder Maxi Pads Regular with Wings are highly absorbent, giving you ultimate protection when you have your period. Shaped for extra comfort and superior protection. Wonder Maxi Pads are ideal for regular-flow days with their quick-absorption core and leak-proof barriers to keep you feeling fresher and drier, longer.

  • For medium-flow days.
  • Flexible and shaped to fit comfortably. Perfect for people on the go.
  • Super absorbent core for faster and better absorbency.
  • Wings and adhesive strip keep pad right where you want it.
  • The super-soft top cover is gentle on your skin.
  • The discreet in size and individually wrapped.

You Get: You Get: 6 Packs x 16 Pads = 96 Pads

Depending on what your plans are for the day, you may prefer to use a tampon. Check out our Applicator Tampons in Super or Regular.

Should I use a pad or tampon?

Pad or tampon? Super or regular? Some days it is hard to know which will be best. Think about what you might be doing that day. If you are going swimming, you will definitely need to use a tampon. If not, you can use either, or a combination to make sure you are protected from leaks. Don’t forget to consider how heavy your flow might be that day. ‘Super’ offers high absorbency, which is great for days 1 and 2 when your period is heavier. ‘Regular’ is best for medium absorbency and is usually perfect from day 3 and on. Sometimes on the last days, when your period is very light, you might even just need a liner.

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