Ultra-Thin Breathable Liners


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Breathable panty liners specially designed for comfort and everyday protection. Feel fresh and protected every day.


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Best Ultra-Thin Breathable Panty Liners

Wonder Ultra-Thin Panty Liners keep you feeling fresher, longer.

Our liners are super thin, breathable, and flexible, giving you that barely-there feeling.

Wonder Panty Liners are the Best Ultra-Thin Breathable Panty Liners online. So thin that you will forget they are there! With breathable backing, flexible materials and shaped for comfort, these liners are perfect to ensure you feel fresher and protected every day.

  • Use every day to keep that fresh feeling.
  • Ultra-thin and shaped to suit your body for extra comfort.
  • Superior absorbency for maximum protection.
  • Soft cotton-like cover with a breathable backing.
  • Individually wrapped so you can be discreet.

You Get: 40 Ultra-Thin Panty Liners
Liner Length: 15cm

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What is a panty liner?

A panty liner is like a thinner version of a period pad. Because it is lighter and thinner, it’s great to use every day to maintain a fresher feeling through the day.

Why use panty liners?

Panty liners absorb everyday vaginal discharge, light flow periods when your period appears unexpectedly, staining at the beginning/end of your periods, general spotting, and post-intercourse discharge. These can make your underwear moist and uncomfortable, especially when exercising. Using panty liners helps keep your underwear dryer and stain-free. Panty Liners are great to use as a backup for your tampons. Shop Tampons.

Can I use panty liners for light incontinence?

Many people use liners as protection for leakages resulting from light urinary incontinence. This can happen especially during and after pregnancy. It’s not uncommon for little leaks to happen when you run, sneeze, laugh or jump, so liners are the perfect protection. For a little extra protection for light incontinence try our ultra-absorbent Extra Long Maternity Pads or Ultra Thin Maternity Pads.

Should I use a panty liner with a tampon or menstrual cup?

We all agree that tampons and menstrual cups are great. But, there is always a risk of them leaking. Using a liner as back up for your tampon or menstrual cup will give you that extra protection during your period, just in case.

How do I use a panty liner?

Use a liner just like you would use a pad. Simply peel off the adhesive strip and press the liner firmly into position on your underwear. Change your liner around 3-5 hours to avoid bacterial growth and to keep that fresher feeling. Of course, you may need to change your liner earlier if it becomes excessively moist or your tampon or menstrual cup has leaked.

When do I use a panty liner?

Use panty liners a few days before your period begins and on the last few days of your period. A liner will protect your underwear from spotting on the days when your period is too light for a pad, tampon or menstrual cup.

Liners are great to use during your cycle to protect for any vaginal discharge you may have during ovulation. Liners protect your underwear and keep them drier.

If you don’t have your period, avoid using liners overnight as the are unnecessary and you should give your skin time to breathe.

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